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Here we are at the third and final part of the Secret of the Sword Special. I noticed that the IMDB cast list had been missing a couple characters – Leech, Grizzlor, and Kowl – and in my quest to find out who voiced them, I found out that the Secret of the Sword special is actually made up of the first three episodes of She-Ra: Princess of Power. This is incongruous with my memory though, because I remember watching the first episode of She-Ra when it aired and being upset that He-Man wasn’t in it. However, upon re-watching them here, he clearly was it in it. Oh, well. I’m not going to make any big deal about it.

000 45 Third and Final Part

Kowl tells She-Ra that she should tell Glimmer that it would be foolish to go rescue Queen Angella, Glimmer’s mother, from Hunga the Harpy. I also realize I called the wrong character Hunga the Harpy before because that’s what I called the scorpion-like villain whom wasn’t named in the credits. Instead, She-Ra tells Glimmer that her mother will be rescued, but she asks that the task be left up to her and Adam to keep Glimmer out of danger. Glimmer is just fine with that. Hunga spots He-Man and She-Ra arrive on a monitor and wonders aloud what she’s there for. As Hunga ponders the situation, she picks apart an orange, eating the fruit and throwing the skins at Queen Angella.

000 46 Fruit Peel Target Practice

They land and He-Man punches through a large metal door. On the other side, they find Queen Angella, dirty and turned away shamefully. When she turns to them she reveals that its actually Hunga the Harpy in disguise, then starts blasting at them with a crystal staff. Hunga manages to use her magic to capture Swift Wind as well as She-Ra and He-Man in a circle of spikes. He-Man and She-Ra manage to break out and deflect more magic by crossing swords. They demand to know where the real Queen Angella is. Hunga gives up her location behind the throne, so He-Man approaches and tells her to hold still while he frees her. He swiftly cuts her ropes then breaks the power-inhibiting collar around her neck.

000 47 Free At Last Gif

Back in the rebel camp, Madame Razz bawls her eyes out at the reunion of Queen Angella and her daughter Glimmer. Princess Adora looks on… well, adoringly, and then surmises that with the rebel queen back, they may have an easier time fighting the Horde. He-Man adds that it will probably afford her the opportunity to accompany him back to Eternia to meet her parents for the first time. He asks when she would like to leave. “Would immediately be too soon?” Adora asks. He-Man mounts up with Adora, but two Hordesmen track their progress as they ride along on Swift Wind, one of them easily recognizing Force Captain Adora. They call it into Hordak because he’s been looking for her.

000 48 I Spy Force Captain Adora

As they ride toward their contact point, Adora clarifies her understanding that the King and Queen do NOT know that Prince Adam is He-Man. Prince Adam makes it very clear that they do not know, and they also can’t know that Adora is She-Ra either. Welcome to the secret keeping family, Adora! Meanwhile Hordak flies around reflecting over the fact that Adora rides with the rebels now. Shadow Weaver just laments that Adora has absconded with the power sword before she could uncover its secrets. Just before Adora is supposed to go through the portal with Prince Adam, she gets nervous, asking, “Adam, do you think Mother and Father will like me?” Prince Adam says, “Oh, Adora, they’ll love you. Now, come on.”

000 49 Adoras with the Rebels Now

Instantly they’re on the other side, unaware that Hordak has invited himself along for the trip. As soon as they solidify, the Sorceress welcomes “the princess” back to Eternia. Adora is surprised at being called a Princess so Prince Adam somewhat condescendingly reminds her that she is the daughter of a King and Queen. Just as soon as The Sorceress teleports them out of there, the missile-shaped Hordak comes flying through the mystical interior door. After crash landing head first, Hordak says quite calmly, “Blast. I need to control my rocket form better.” Hordak is delighted to look around and discover he’s on Eternia near Castle Grayskull.

000 50 Let One Slip Gif

Back at the Royal Palace, Prince Adam has everyone covering their eyes. King Randor is continually bitching about how long they must be kept form the surprise Prince Adam has promised. Prince Adam lets them look. Teela has no idea who she’s looking at, but Man-At-Arms looks mightily surprised. I can’t wait to hear the King and Queen reveal that all these years they have been lying by no revealing they had a daughter too. King Randor is speechless, but Queen Marlena manages to squeak out “Adora!” Quickly, they reveal to Teela, that Adora is Prince Adam’s twin sister that they always pretended didn’t exist, but that they can’t ignore anymore because she’s right in front of them now.

000 51 Rocket Man

And now we come to the whole reason Prince Adam did this. King Randor looks at Prince Adam and tells him how proud he’s made him this day and gives his son a big old hug. King Randor remarks that, “By the ancients,” the Royal Family is whole again after all these years, and now that they are, he won’t let anything come between them again. King Randor’s promise may be a little tough to keep, now that Hordak has found his way to Snake Mountain, right to his former thrown room, even. They get into a half-hearted tussle which sufficiently allows them each to show how they’ve improved then come to terms – Hordak will let Skeletor lay claim to Eternia, as long as Hordak is allowed to leave with Adorda. Skeletor agrees to the deal.

000 52 Sobbing Good Time

000 53 Im So Proud Right Now

Skeletor, Webstor, Kobra Khan, and Beast Man sneak in, then Skeletor disguises them all as chefs. He wheels in a large cake and tries to push it on the “special occasion”, but then he immediately uses his magic to turn the special cake into Hordak anyway. Once Hordak has Adora in his paws, Tri-Klops blasts a hole in one of the palace buildings, then swoops the Collector down to the hole to pick up all the bad guys. Skeletor and Hordak escape, leaving a message to tell King Randor – that he’ll be calling. All Queen Marlena can do is cry and ask He-Man to help get Adora back.

000 55 Captured

Suddenly, Skeletor double crosses Hordak and has Trap Jaw and Webstor push Hordak back through the portal back into Etheria. Skeletor turns his attention on Adora and reasons out loud what he should do with her when she faints. Beast Man carries her into a prison cell, but as he stands there gawking at her, barely concealing his boner, she darts between his legs, locking him in the cell. Elsewhere, Tri-Klops is taking the power sword Adora was found with to have it tested. Adora hides up in the ceiling and snatches it from him as he passes by. Once he’s gone, she says her magic words and turns into She-Ra.

000 54 Hordak Surprise

She-Ra catches up to him and Skeletor is surprised to see her because he’s never heard of this She-Ra person before. He sics Kobra Khan and Webstor on her, so She-Ra obliges them for one dance and twirls them all around the room, resulting in them getting the villains’ heads getting lodged in a grate. Skeletor fires a shot at She-Ra but she deflects it. Just as Skeletor is remarking that she missed, the shot finally ricochets and causes a stone steer skull to fall on his head. Just before He-Man and friends can head into the fray, Skeletor, Tri-Klops, and Trap Jaw go flying from the room. She-Ra stands there coyly as Teela says, “Who in the world is that?” He-Man introduces her as his “friend” She-Ra, and says that Adora is safe, somewhere else. Skeletor whines and moans about a female He-Man here to plague him.

000 56 Stone Steer Skull

After a brief time lapse, Adora has turned back in to the Princes and is announcing her intention to go back to Etheria. Queen Marlena is a bit incredulous, but Adora insists that Etheria is her world, even if she was abducted to the world against her will. She says to the King, “If it was a toy before the boot of the horde, would you leave before the fight was finished?” She promises that now she knows of them, she can come visit when ever she wants, but first she has to go back and put a stop to the horde, once and for all. King Randor and Queen Marlena hug Adora and wish her luck in stopping Hordak.

000 57 Best of Luck

Prince Adam and Adora tell each other how much they’ll miss each other. Cringer cries and asks if anybody is going to miss him. Indeed, Swift Wind nuzzles Cringer in response. The Sorceress tells Adora that if she ever wishes to return, she just needs to hold up her sword and say the Sorceress’ name. She walks through the gate only to hear Prince Adam behind her on the other side. She’s delighted to see him and perfectly happy to have him along with her help launch the rebellion. They must quickly take cover and do their respective animation recycling.

000 58 Recycling She-Ra

He-Man and She-Ra make their way over to the rebel camp and but into the plans that Bow, Glimmer, and Queen Angella are making. A bunch of wild animals approach menacingly, and things are tense, but then She-Ra proclaims it’s all right, the animals want to help in the rebellion. So now, it’s on and the woodland creatures are helping to rebel and the mechanical defenses are taking a pounding. The rebels just start blowing up ships left and right. After the fray, Swift Wind lays injured.

000 59 Injured Swift Wind

He-Man freaks out when he realizes that She-Ra’s hands have begun to glow. She says, “For the honor of Grayskull let thy wounds be healed,” She-Ra says, healing her fallen friend. The rebels take care of many of their street level guards, clearing the way for the rest of the rebellion. Hordak panics when the sensors report they’ve been breeched on the interior. Indeed when He-Man and She-Ra show up, She-Ra tells He-Man she’s got some bad news for him. She’s not coming back with him again but they make each other promise that they will call each other for help sometimes though. And then He-Man sheds a tear as She-Ra rides off. And that’s it, no moral, just the empty reverberation of this story with out the substance.

000 60 He-Man Shed a Tear

He-Man murder count:
Season 1:   19
Season 2: 104

Episodes missing Skeletor:
Season 1: 28
Season 2: 26

IMDB Cast List:
John Erwin: Prince Adam, He-Man, Beast Man
Melendy Britt: Princess Adora, She-Ra, Catra, Hunga the Harpy
Alan Oppenheimer: Skeletor, Man-At-Arms, Cringer, Battle Cat, Bald Rebel, Chef Alan
Linda Gary: Teela, Queen Marlena, Sorceress, Shadow Weaver, Glimmer, Madame Razz
George DiCenzo: Bow, Hordak
Erika Scheimer: Queen Angella, Imp
Lou Scheimer: King Randor, Swift-Wind, Kowl, Mantenna, Horde Trooper, Kobra Khan, Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops, Broom, Sprag, Sprocker, Garv the Innkeeper, Bard, Messenger, Horde Computer, Leech, Grizzlor

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