A wonderful new fan, Lauri from Finland, wrote me a very nice email and provided an excellent translation of the Tilt.fi article on He-Man Reviewed.  It’s even more flattering than I thought!

She even provided a link to the intro from a finnish dubbed episode! Crazy! Thanks, Lauri from Finland! So glad you are enjoying HMR! I’m ecstatic to know that the “power of Grayskull” spanned many, many cultures and languages.  I guess He-Man truly is “Master of the Universe”! Here’s what she wrote (I bolded the text for extra emphasis):

Hi there!

I’m not sure if you got this already but here’s a rough translation of the

The fan-page of the legendary animation series from the 80s is amazing – refresh your memories also with a game

In the Internet you can find people with a dedication to all sorts of different things.

One of the genuinely most stylish fan sites is the He-manreviewed site. The admin of the website analyses one episode of the He-man animated series every Monday. The analysis is not just random splashing, but the happenings of each episode are gone through with unbelievable piety and in the smallest details.

Naturally, He-Man has also been featured in countless different games. One of such games is the Masters of the Univerese He-Man: Power of Grayskull game published in 2002 for the Game Boy Advanded. You may also play this game on the game-oldies.com – page.

To refresh your memories from He-Man games click here.
To refresh your memories from the animated series click here.


I just found your site thanks to this Tilt.fi article. I read one review and I was brought to tears from laughing! Oh the nostalgia! This is some cool stuff, I’ll definitely subscribe and come back for more!

Did you know that the original series was also dubbed in Finnish? The voice actors were definitely on some mushrooms. It’s just unbelievably awkward and totally nonsense but hilarious shit! We still watch He-Man sometimes with my friends and we almost literally shit our pants from laughing every time. I’m not sure how many episodes were dubbed/published in Finnish but I need to find out.

Here’s a little treat for you: The original intro in Finnish (starts after about 30 seconds):

Not sure if you are interested but did you also have these He-Man “fairy tale” cassettes (audio only)? This is another level of legendary voice acting from the 80s! This is an example with some photos added by the uploader:

I’ll spread the word about your site and tell my friends. Thank you for your effort!

Best regards,
Lauri from Finland

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