This seems mildly interesting. I wonder if Stratos is the one who is betrayed, or if Stratos is the one that does the betraying. What ever the case may be, it’s bound to be resolved by some fabulous secret powers, that’s for sure. In Strato’s mountain top city, Avian, he awkwardly bumps into female Stratos. She questions Stratos suspiciously about what he is doing, and he reveals that he is there to check on the force field generator. This is apparently a strange circumstance because she is one of the trained mechanics that maintain it, and he is not. Stratos stammeringly excuses himself and goes off to bug the security personnel.

213 1 Lady Stratos

Just as Stratos is asking the security dork if everything is secure, the alarms go off. Skeletor appears on the security screen along with Tri-Klops, Trap Jaw and Beast Man, flying toward the city on their sky-sleds. Stratos is confident that their force field will protect them, but the security dork says that the shields are inexplicably inoperable. Stratos sends some bird-men to fight Skeletor while he goes to check on the force field generator. When he gets to it, he finds that someone has deliberately smashed it. Outside, the city’s army manages to thwart Skeletor by keeping him at bay just long enough that he says it’s “too late” to get what he wants from these bird-brains, whatever that means, and they take off.

213 2 Under Attack

Lady Stratos shows up in the generator chambers and finds Stratos pulling desperately at wires, trying to get the machine to work again. She immediately assumes that he is the one that has sabotaged it and starts throwing accusations around. Later, Stratos stands above his people as Lady Stratos accuses him like a Puritan being accused of witchcraft. Apparently lacking any kind of justice system other than mob rule, the bird-people banish him. This is a great punishment because the Egg of Avian, which is mounted up above them, is what gives them the power of flight. After a few days away from it, he won’t be able to fly any more, and then he might as well kill himself. What’s the point of living if you can’t fly?

213 3 Its All Your Fault

213 3 The Egg of Avian

Banished, Stratos mutters to himself as he flies around aimlessly. He lands in a dangerous looking forest to rest, right where a large egg has recently hatched. This would be because it’s not a forest at all; it’s a giant nest, and the mommy Pterack is just now coming back. As luck would have it, somewhere I assume is nearby, Prince Adam is packing up a wind raider out in the woods, cooing about how he loves to get out in the country and do nothing while he stuffs his face. My assumption on his proximity to Stratos is proven right when the man him self swoops down from above, evading the Pterack. Prince Adam does exactly what you’d expect and recycles some animation.

213 4 Time To Recycle

He-Man jumps into the wind raider and goes after the Pterack, even though it has every right to go after Stratos. It was within its rights to shoot him in the face the minute it saw him in its nest! He-Man leaps onto the Pterack, but loses his grip. Stratos catches him and is understandably surprised that it’s raining men. He-Man seizes the moment and makes a bad joke about being in the neighborhood and deciding to “drop in”. They land and He-Man immediately uses another cliché, asking Orko if he’s familiar with the expression, “It’s easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar”. He is. He-Man jumps up in a tree and gets some fruit, and I’m afraid that whatever he’s about to try is going to attract the bird-brained Stratos as well.

213 5 I Was in the Neighberhood

He-Man starts hurling basketball sized fruit down the Pterack’s gullet. The creature starts licking its lips and is immediately domesticated. He-Man asks Stratos what he’s doing all the way out here. “Our generator was destroyed, and I was blamed! I was exiled! EXILED! I won’t be able to fly anymore! Waaaaaaah!” I almost expected He-Man to say that someone better call the “waaaah-mbluance”. Instead, He-Man doesn’t make fun of him at all, and he and Orko commit to helping Stratos figure out who the saboteur was and clear Stratos’ name.

213 6 Basketball Sized Fruit Gif

213 6 Easily Domesticated

Back at Avian, the shields still aren’t back up. Skeletor attacks with a newly invigorated confidence. The army tries to use their smoke screens, which saved their asses last time, but find they’ve been sabotaged as well. Skeletor uses a tractor beam to steal the egg of Avian and takes off so he can learn to fly without his sky-sled. The people wise up a bit and realize that the banished Stratos couldn’t have been the one that sabotaged the force field, because it’s not like he could have snuck back in, what with the shields being down and all. Stratos and He-Man arrive just a little too late. He-Man advises that they need to go to Castle Grayskull and consult the Sorceress.

213 7 Stealing the Egg

The Sorceress thinks she knows where Skeletor hid the Egg of Avian. Just a little while ago, she felt a burst of energy come from the Demon Zone, home to Whiplash, but she didn’t think anything of it until He-Man came around. This bitch is slipping in her old age. There is only one way to get there. At the foot of the highest mountain in the Mountains of Doom, there is a gate. However, they must be careful not to let any of the demons escape. Yeah, that would be bad. But, um, if this is the home to Whiplash, I would assume he comes and goes. How come they don’t escape then? Huh? How come he can come and go? Huh? Huh?

213 8 Dont Let the Demons Escape

He-Man, Stratos and Orko reach the gate. He-Man pries it open and uses a log to hold it. It only holds long enough for He-Man and Stratos to get inside because Orko dawdles, even though He-Man told him to hurry up, and the log snaps before he gets in. Whiplash is inside talking to a cauldron of fire, having been summoned by the King of the Demons. The King of the Demons warns Whiplash that He-Man and Orko have breached the gate and have entered the Demon Zone. But wait, there’s more! Orko is camping outside the gate, keeping watch. The trouble is that they can only open the door to the outside world twice a year. The King of the Demons warns that he’d better have a damn good reason to do it. I’d like to point out that Whiplash has definitely been outside of this place more than twice this year, so what gives?

213 9 King of the Demon

He-Man and Stratos strut around looking for the egg. He-Man bothers to comment about how he hasn’t seen any demons yet and how easy this has been, and then some demon statues start spitting fire. Outside the gate, Orko is lounging. The gates part slightly and a snake slithers out, chasing Orko up a tree. Really? They can only open the gate twice a year, and Whiplash uses one of them to send a snake after a creature that levitates? Good one, lizard-brain. Inside, He-Man uses his super breath to put out the fire being expelled by the two demon statues. Outside, the snake actually manages to catch Orko pretty easily, and beings to strangle him, which I have absolutely no problem with.

213 10 Choke Him Out

Back inside, He-Man and Stratos encounter Whiplash, who immediately starts knocking down support beams with his tail. Stratos pretty easily grabs the tail, which seems to happen a lot when Whiplash uses it as a defense, but Whiplash flicks him off into a large door. He-Man rips a metal rod off the door, then takes Whiplash’s tail and it loops around the same type of pillar Whiplash just destroyed. He-Man bends the rod around his tail, crimping it into place, tying Whiplash to a pillar he can easily destroy. Outside, Orko is about to have the life squeezed out of him, and I’m pretty excited. Then that fucking domesticated Pterack swoops in and flies off with the snake like they’re in a Nat Geo nature show. Orko happens to have one of those basketball fruits on him and feeds it to the creature. Damn it, he lived.

213 11 Nat Geo Shit Gif

He-Man and Stratos, still in search of the Egg of Avian, come upon a room full of cages. Stratos shivers in terror. Bird-people don’t like cages, as you might imagine. Speaking of cages, Lady Stratos is caught in one. She claims that she was captured when Skeletor attacked, but we both know that she was the saboteur, and that Skeletor is holding her captive because he don’t play fair. Yep, she confesses, like, immediately. He-Man wants to set her free, but Stratos is pretty against it. He-Man assures him that she will be at the mercy of the judgment of the people of Avian later, so Stratos agrees, saying, “I hate seeing any bird-person in a cage.” He-Man sets her free and she promises to take them to the Egg of Avian.

213 10 Despite All My Rage

Stratos starts getting a tingly, excited feeling and deduces they must be close to the egg. Indeed, it’s in the next chamber, except its being guarded by a demon dragon. Stratos and Lady Stratos run interference while He-Man absconds with the egg. Whiplash shows up with a fucking rocket launcher – set to home in on the egg of Avian – and says that if “Skeletor can’t have the egg, no one will!” He really says that. He fires the rocket, but He-Man catches it and throws it into the ceiling, which causes rocks to tumble on Whiplash. Whiplash is fine and is about to retaliate when the King of the Demons appears in the fire and tells him to let them go. This is because the only way out is for them to break through the door, which will give the demons “total freedom in the outside world to spread their evil to the world above”.

213 11 Absconds with the Egg

He-Man, Stratos, and Lady Stratos come upon the door. Stratos again reminds He-Man that the Sorceress said they can’t break the door. He-Man quickly decides they have no choice and rams a big, gaping door-hole in the damn thing. Orko greets him excitedly, but He-Man warns that trouble is following right behind them. The egg-guarding dragon is first out and immediately starts breathing fire at their Pterack friend. Man, I hope this all ends like Cabin in the Woods. *Spoiler Alert* Spark a doob and watch the world end. He-Man thinks that if the Pterack can get the dragon back in, he can reseal it. So, the Pterack throws the dragon back down the hole, just like that. He-Man triggers an avalanche that fills in the gaping door-hole and figures that will hold them. I’m pretty sure it won’t, because a door that only opens twice a year is magical, but a gaping hole filled in with rocks is not. It’s only a matter of time until they dig out and wreak havoc. This had better be a two part episode. I want to see that.

213 12 Gaping Door Hole

Back on Avian, Lady Stratos admits before her people that she lied about Startos sabotaging the shields and admits it was here. There is some unintelligible rabbling, then Statos, apparently having understood the people’s gibberish, says, “No, banishment is too cruel for anyone. We will have to find other ways to punish her”. I vote for tar and feathering. Wait, no, that wont’ work. Just tar then, I guess. And make sure there is no Dawn dish soap anywhere in the land! Instead they just strip her of rank, which means she will be raped constantly, wherever she goes. Birds can actually be pretty rapey. Especially ducks. Look it up. Yes, that’s much better than being banished. The Pterack friend they made flies up and replaces the Egg of Avian and all is well again. However, if you listen closely, you can hear the wails of Lady Stratos as she gets defiled behind the bleachers.

213 13 Birds Are Rapey

Time for this week’s moral! I think it should be about how Sabotage is an awesome song, and one of those rare cases where the video is even better. It was directed by Spike Jonze. In fact, you owe it to yourself to pick up the Spike Jonze collection on DVD. So many good videos. R.I.P. MCA. Instead, He-Man comes on screen to tell us that sometimes your fiends will stab you in the back. Especially if you are a girl, or if you are a guy and there is pussy up for grabs. It can be hard to forgive them, he says, but remember, “Bros before hos, chicks before dicks.” So, give your friend another chance, even if they fucked your boyfriend/girlfriend.

213 14 Bros Before Hoes Chicks Before Dicks

He-Man murder count:
Season 1: 19
Season 2: 1

Episodes missing Skeletor:
Season 1: 28
Season 2: 5
(this episode should barely count. He was hardly in it!)

IMDB Cast List:
John Erwin: He-Man, Prince Adam, Beast Man, Whiplash, Bird-Men
Alan Oppenheimer: Skeletor, Krael, Bird-Men
Linda Gary: The Sorceress, Hawke, Bird-Woman
Lou Scheimer: Orko, Stratos, Trap Jaw, Bird-Men

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2 Responses to Season 2 Episode 13 “Betrayal of Stratos”

  1. John thompson says:

    A very underrated episode yes if we’re being picky the demon zone is a bit confusing and at times doesn’t make sense but I still love the story!! Stratos has always been one of my favourite non main character don’t know why they dropped him in season two in favour of buzz off who has probably the most annoying voice ever!!!! It’s not quite a teelas quest or a he mans quest (problem with power) but it’s certainly a quest for stratos and a highly enjoyable episode he man was very supportive and another wise episode that I really like am I the only one?? Teelas trial and the search probably his best although none of wise eps would get in my top ten it was an above average episode I’d score it 8/10

  2. John thompson says:

    A very underrated episode yes if we’re being picky the demon zone is a bit confusing and at times doesn’t make sense but I still love the story!! Stratos has always been one of my favourite non main character don’t know why they dropped him in season two in favour of buzz off who has probably the most annoying voice ever!!!! It’s not quite a teelas questit’s certainly a quest for stratos and a highly enjoyable episode he man was very supportive and another wise episode that I really like am I the only one?? Teelas trial and the search probably his best although none of wise eps would get in my top ten it was an above average episode I’d score it 8/10

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